Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pokemon Work

I may have completed the National Dex but there is plenty of work left to do on my White version before X and Y comes out (not long now). See when I first started working on the Dex, it was decided that I would keep a "physical" representation of only the final evolve forms (if applicable) in the PC to save a bit of room. But now with the release of the Pokemon Bank sometime in the future, I am moving Pokemon around making room to go ahead and have the complete Pokedex in my PC. It will involve a lot of breeding and evolving but I think I should be able to complete it (or at least get a good way in) before X and Y are released. Hopefully I can get some better pictures to show proof of what I am doing. I am starting with the 1st gen and already made space and put the pre-evolved form that I already have in there with the big kids. So now I am down to the busy work, breeding and leveling.