Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Clip Is Fake

Yesterday the X and Y themed 3DS XLs came out, and since I could afford one and X and Y are coming out soon and I don't have a 3DS I bought one. I will start this review type thing with the disclaimer that this would be my first 3DS type thing so most features are new to me, and comparing it to the original 3DS is not something I could do, other than the obvious: it is bigger.

The Pokemon 3DS XLs are pretty cool looking, on the front the feature Xerneas and Yveltal with on top of the letters X and Y. On the back under the various information is the watermarked X and Y again, and in the lower right corner the newest starters.

I will start of with the physical features of this 3DS XL that are pretty appealing. The screen size being the most obvious, the top screen is massive, and the touch screen is nothing to scoff at. After using a DSi for quite a while the difference is fun. The placement of the Start and Select buttons along with the new (at least for me) Home button at the bottom of the DS seems like a nice placement to me.  Those buttons and the power button being bigger is also fun. I was a bit wary about the separation of the wireless light from the power and charging lights, but it has grown on me the latter two being on the bottom. Obviously I have never played a DS with an analog stick but this "Circle Pad" is quite useful. The placement is quite useful, being right above the  D-Pad for use with the same thumb. 

The new software is quite different from anything I am familiar with, the home menu is similar to the DSi in that it has icons in a row that show games and DS applications. But other things are a bit more advanced. One I really enjoy is the brightness settings being int the top left side, instead of having to go to system settings. Next to that are features that seem to able to be used while applications and games are "suspended". The first of which is Game Notes which allow the user to take notes on what game is suspended. There is also a Friend List and Notifications. The last of the four being the browser, which is pretty cool that it can be used while having an application suspended.

So after picking up or 3DSs my friend and I were looking at cases that would fit our new systems. Not being big case people we decided that a stylus pen was actually a selling point. So I ended up getting the big case (shown above) that has plenty of slots for games, comes with ear buds, a car charger, two stylus pens, screen protectors, and a cloth. So when I open up the case and look at the pens, it takes me a bit, but I notice that where a clip would normally be there is just a plastic curve. 


  1. I don't know why they would release them before the game comes out. I want Y now.

    1. Yeah, that is weird. Last time they were bundles that came with a game, but coming before the games has its pros, like getting people excited about the games.