Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Paper Mario chapter 7

A distress call comes from Starborn Valley in the far north. Heading Merlon's instructions I went to the sewers and found the pipe to Shiver City. After exploring Shiver City and visit the Mayor's house the Mayor's wife lets me in and tells me I can see her husband in his office in the back. I go in and find him on floor with a note that says Herringway. The wife comes in and calls the authorities accusing me of murder. I cooperate with the sheriff and investigate to clear my name, I eventually find Herringway the famous mystery author he and I return the Mayor's house and it ends up that while picking up a present for Herringway the Mayor fell and got knocked out. After that I was able to leave the city and head towards Starborn Valley. There I met with Merlon's son and learned of the Star Kid's plight. After Bowser stole the Star Rod the Star Kids can no longer ascend to Star Haven, they plea for me to rescue the last Star Spirit in Crystal Palace, and gives me a heirloom that combined with the Mayor's will unlock the pathway; it was a Scarf. I head back to Shiver City and receive a bucket from the Mayor. On the snowy path between Star Valley and Shiver City there are a line of snowmen but one has no scarf and without a bucket after placing the items on them the snowmen thank me and open the path. I continue on to Crystal Palace and after solving puzzles and fighting enemies that take shape of my teammates and figuring out various mirror rooms I find the final chamber and fight the Crystal King. His defenses were high and he attacked with many small crystal things but I defeated him and finally rescued all 7 Star Spirits.

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