Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Paper Mario chapter 8

After saving the 7th Star Spirit he tells you to return to Falling Star Summit to speak to the Star Spirits, when there the conjure a road to Star Haven. I quickly traveled the road and entered Star Haven after talking to the Star Kids and resting a bit I went to the town hall of sorts where the Star Spirits normally grant wishes with the Star Rod. There they worked together to give me a power that counteracts Bowser's use of the Star Rod and a vehicle to use to get to his flying castle. The castle as you would imagine was highly guarded and large. It consisted of three large portions each having a talking gate to impress. Each gate would make a bargain thinking that I could never do it, but to his dismay I did. Like escaping from the dungeon. While making my way through the castle I rescued the various citizens that have been locked in the castle like Princess Peach's Minister. Soon I reached the end of Bowser's castle and the entrance to Princess Peach's, luckily the doors PP has unlocked earlier in the game are still unlocked so I just had to go to the balcony where Bowser was waiting, after healing and making sure I had plenty of items. Even without activating the Star Rod Bowser is really strong and has a lot of health. So I went in strong using Star Powers and my friends' abilities especially Watt's being that it does damage through Bowser's tough defense. Soon Bowser tries to use the Star Rod to become invincible, but I counter it with the Star Beam. Then continue trudging through, soon Bowser seems defeated. But then Cammy Koopa reveals a fail safe machine that makes Bowser even stronger. With this new strength even the Star Beam can't weaken Bowser.  Princess Peach and Twink fight Cammy Koopa at first Twink's attacks do almost nothing but each turn PP wishes and gives Twink power. After defeating Cammy Twink suggests that Peach and everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom do the same for the Star Spirits, with their new found power the Star Spirits can now do a stronger beam which they call the Peach Beam. With that the battle is no longer so one sided so I finally defeated Bowser with defeat the machine malfunctioned and blew up along with Bowser's castle the Star Spirits rescue the group and Peach's Castle. After thanking me and my friends, and don't forget brave Twink, the Star Spirits return to Star Haven with the Star Rod. A few days later we see what everyone is doing while Parakarry delivers their invitations to a party at Peach's castle. The game ends after Peach gives a heart warming speach about her rescue and peace that the Kingdom will now endure.


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    1. I may have been unclear but defeating Bowser was the last part of the game, I will rap up everything with Paper Mario tomorrow. : )

    2. ah, I didn't know that.

      Never played the game, Alas, I don't own an N64, wish I did though