Monday, October 15, 2012

Paper Mario chapter 6

The next Star Spirit was in Flower Fields so I had to get the last Magic Seed to open the door to it from Toad Town. When in FF the elder and largest tree explains how Huff N. Puff has blocked the sun out and all the citizens of FF are in danger. Firstly I had to find a way to get to HNP's hideout high in the clouds. I was suggested to get a magic beanstalk seed. After retrieving the seed I then needed water, soil, and sunlight for it to grow. To get to the other parts of FF I had to give the flower guards a berry matching their color or type. The soil was easy enough to get, but when going to get water it is revealed that the spring has been dried up and a special jewel is need to start it up again. Soon I approached a hedge maze and wittinessed two Lakitus looking for the Jewel, after defeating them and going through the maze I meet a rose who has the jewel and will not release it with out something in return. I go and get a Crystal Berry from the flower with the soil and trade it for the water jewel, then I star the spring up and the lily gives me some water. The sun is till not out so I went to his tower to try and get him up he was too depressed from the clouds blocking him so I had to set off to destroy HNP's machine. On the way I encounter a Lakitu named Lakilester aka Spike, he fights me and afterwards decides to join us, he can carry Mario over lava and spiky terrain. With his help I was able to get to the machine and destroy it. Then I planted the seed and traveled up the stalk. HNP was a strong boss and every time he took damage he would  sprout smaller clouds that would attack or get consumed by him for HP. After defeating him the 6th Star Spirit was saved.

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