Sunday, October 21, 2012

League of Legends Season 2 Finals

I didn't really follow much of Season 2, just play games. But my friends and I caught some of the championships. We watched a few of the semi final matches, but most importantly we were able to catch the Final matches between Taipei Assassins and Azubu Frost. When the matches started the fan favorite seemed to be Taipei Assassins (TPA), though Azubu Frost (AF) seemed to have more of an advantage. The first game TPA got an early lead, ahead in gold and kills, and it looked like their game. AF though started to dominate team fights and eventually turned it quite around and pulled off a complete win on TPA. Both teams seemed to be great at being flexible and learning from losses, but I personally believed TPA to be able to take that first loss and completely dominate the rest. I happened to be right, since this was the finals it would be best of 5 instead of 3 so TPA would have to win the next 3 games to win. Which they did, in the second game the champion bans were a little different which meant they could use the champion combos to make a combo and keep the gold/kill lead throughout the game.They happened to do the same and TPA brought home the fancy trophy and the title of LoL Season 2 World Champions.


  1. Ah League of Legends is so freaking awesome

  2. I think I'm only one in my class who doesn't play LoL, mostly due to my lame computer, but meh. My brother plays it though.