Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pokemon White 2

So when I confirmed the date for the release of Pokemon Black and White 2, I was excited and was really hoping to pre-order both like I have for the last few pair. Sadly this year I was only able to afford one and got it the weekend after it was released but all is good. I still got it in time to get the Genesect WiFi event, well it will still be up until mid November. I actually have him on my team, but soon I will trade him over to White and have my Nation Dex at 646!!!

Some of you may be wondering what the differences are between BW and BW2. Well there are plenty, this game starts 2 years in the future in a new town in the mountains to the west of the mainland. The rivals of BW's protagonist are now have jobs that interact with your character. Bianca works with the Pokemon Professor Juniper, and gives you your first Pokemon and Pokedex. And in one of the other new cities Cheren is now the normal gym leader. And I believe the BW protagonist also makes an appearance in in game tournaments. Another new gym is the poison gym in the port town that has ferries to Castelia City from there it sort of becomes more like the first games but the routes you take are still in different order with some blocked temporarily.

Other differences include construction sites that were under way two years ago are now finished like the road in the desert route 4, and the cold storage in Driftveil is now the Pokemon World Tournament, well Driftveil in general is a lot different it is now a tourist town and has tons of fancy hotels. Gyms have been remodeled, they were already drastically different from older gyms but now they have been upgraded further with new ways to get to the back and defeat the gym leader. Some gyms have been left where they were but are no longer a gym and new gym has been built.

The antagonist in these games are still Team Plasma but not really the same one. About half of Team plasma left and are still loyal to King N, while the others are still with Ghetsis and committing crimes. There seems to be mystery surrounding a shady character by the name of Colress he seems like he could be apart of Team Plasma maybe the new figure head but he says things to the contrary. I am probably wrong we will see.

I am only about halfway through but I will keep you posted when I get further.


  1. This is a series I was never able to get into for some reason

    1. I grew up on the series, so I tend to love it, even though the newer ones are vastly different I still think they are quite enjoyable.

  2. I still need to get b or w 1