Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Today I want to talk about the video game Boktai. If you have played it before I would love to hear about your experience with it. I have not played it in quite a while, but I remember having tons of fun with it and I might need to buy or find it to play it soon.

Boktai was a game for the Game Boy Advance that used a small solar panel to analyze the amount of sunlight hitting it and use it in the game. The main character, Django, used his Gun de Sol to fight various creatures like spiders, and the boss Vampire. Without sunlight his gun does not really work, there were special items in the game that would give a small amount of sunlight even when you did not have any but other than that you can't really use the gun. There are other parts of the game that needed sun as well panels that would not be there with out and stuff like that.

I remember countless days going out side looking for the best place for sunlight, or sitting next to the window, to beat that last enemy of the day. It was a fun game.


  1. I remember trying it out, but at the time my income was fairly limited so I never got it.

    I think at one point I could've either bought that or Golden Sun and went with Golden Sun

  2. I have never played Golden Sun, heard of it but never got the chance to play it, is it good?

  3. Mom: Tim go outside and play! You're sitting in the house all day!
    Tim: Okay mom! *Grabs Boktai* Hehe
    Anyway I think it's a great game with a great way to teach kids why they should sleep at night. I also find it pretty amusing, though I never played it.