Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paper Mario Chapter one

So I continued to play Paper Mario today. I actually started the main story Chapter 1 in which Mario must travel from Toad Town to the Koopa Bros fortress and rescue the first Star Spirit. The battle style gets a bit more interactive with the introduction of action commands which allow Mario to do more damage and mitigate the damage dealt to him. On the way to the fortress Mario is joined by another, now Goombario and Kooper are on his side. Mario can kick the young koopa across gaps to reach out of range items and Kooper has an ability that can attack all enemies at once. After freeing Koopa village from a Fuzzie infestation the group continues on to the fortress, inside Mario must find keys hidden by the four Koopa Bros to reach final chamber, eventually Mario falls for a trap and lands in a containment cell with Bob-ombs that the Koopa Bros feared were going to revolt. Mario then teams up with Bombette and escapes, with her he can destroy parts of walls and cracked boulders to get to certain places. Soon we reach the top and must battle the Bros in their Bowser look-alike machine, after destroying the machine you must pick off the four Koopas. After defeating them the first Star Spirit is rescued he gives Mario a new power which is powered by Star points this new ability is Refresh and heals 5 health and Flower points which are what abilities are powered by.


  1. so you already completed chapter 1? seems they're a bit on the short side

    1. Maybe I spent a good couple of hours on it. When I play a game I do it in large chunks of time.