Monday, September 24, 2012

Paper Mario

Today I started to play Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64 luckily it worked the first time I tried to play it. I have never played a Paper Mario game other than the one for the Wii which I thoroughly enjoyed so naturally I wanted to play this one. The game play is similar without some of the newer features but still very fun. The story starts with a party thrown by Princess Peach when Mario finally reaches the princess the castle shakes and is lifted into the air by Bowser's castle. Then Bowser with the help of a stolen Star rod defeats Mario and throws him out of the castle, then the star spirits ask for Mario's help to save the princess. Mario soon leaves out with the help of a young goomba. That is where I am now, I would have gotten farther but my 64 started acting up hopefully I can continue with it later.


  1. I actually never played that game before. Don't know why though

  2. I love Paper Mario! You should move on to Thousand Year Door after this, it's fantastic. Bit pricey these days, though.

  3. I will definitely look into that one, I know how hard it is to find these games I was lucky enough a friend let me borrow this one.