Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Paper Mario chapter two

Shortly after freeing the first Star Spirit Princess Peach discovers that the next one is being held in the Dry Dry Ruins which are somewhere in the Dry Dry Desert. She has the star kid Twink tell Mario and friends the location. I personally went back in forth between towns collecting star pieces and badges I could not get before with the help of my new friends before clearing the debris blocking the train. Then it is of to the desert after hiking through a mountain and helping the mail Parakoopa Parakarry who then joins the team and can carry Mario across small gaps. When we finally reached the desert we are directed to go to the Outpost, when I got to the Outpost I talked to almost everyone to learn as much of the desert as possible. Like the location of the Oasis and places to get various badges and whatnot. After giving the information trader a lemon from the oasis he helps you find the secret leader of the Outpost which ends up being him.  He gives you an item which helps you find and unearth the Ruins. Braving the desert again and after fighting countless bandits and cacti I find the ruins, save and enter them. The ruins are home to similar but slightly stronger enemies and the boss Tutankoopa. After puzzles and finding a stronger hammer to break the stone blocks, I found the boss. He uses magic and throws koopa shells from a ledge while commanding Chomps to attack I defeated him by using my special hammer ability to attack both enemies at once and wore him out quick. Soon the second Star Spirit was saved and bestowed upon me a new star power to put enemies asleep. She leaves back to Star Haven and Princess Peach learns about the next location and boss and tries to figure out his weakness. That is the end of chapter 2.


  1. I'm really enjoying this. It's like a novelisation of Paper Mario - Much more involved than a Let's Play video.

  2. yep, guess I was right, each chapter seems pretty small

  3. I agree with The Captain, though the only Mario game I've played is Mario Forever. Maybe I have played some other on the Nintendo, but can't quite remember.