Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thank You!!!

Completing my White National Dex, took a long time and a good bit of playing, training, catching, and trading, and special events. But I certainly didn't do it alone, today I would like to thank everyone who helped me through out this journey. It started when my friend Joe and I got Black and White, together we used our respective game and helped each other complete the Unova/Isshu Pokedex. Then became the hard part, over the next few years, it was transferring, trading, catching, going to Gamestop or using WiFi for events, and asking for certain Pokemon when ever I could.

So I would like to thank everyone I have ever traded with, my friends, Gamestop, and of course Game Freak, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company. Below is a list of the OT's of the Pokemon that come together to equal my complete Pokedex, due to restraints on the box system, right now I only have enough room to have the final evolve forms in my box. Sorry for the bad hand writing.
Thank you everyone. 
And to finish it off, thanks everyone who reads this blog, it was a real driving force in completing the Pokedex and hopefully, I will have more fun projects!!


  1. Yup, at least 72 people traded Pokemon with me, mostly people on the GTS, but also good friends!!