Friday, September 20, 2013


I had the pleasure of watching Getaway tonight, and since I haven't talked about movies in a while I thought I would share a bit of my experience. To start I would like to say I went into the movie knowing it was not my thing, but keeping that in mind it was a fun movie.

The basis of the movie actually reminds me of playing GTA (3 I believe) when I was younger. A person doing missions while driving really fast to avoid cops, and a lot of car crashes happening. But this movie coming out around the same time as V is probably a coincidence (wonk*).

Viewing the movie that way, I  had just as much fun with the movie as I did with GTA when I was younger, even though it was not my cup of tea or something like that. The constant high speed chases, with the protagonist almost never getting caught, coupled with the special effects and fun technology being used in the film, really made watching it fun.

One could also bring the story in to this, I mean it did have one. (TW Spoilers maybe?) The main character Brent I believe, finds out that his wife is missing, he magically receives instructions to steal a car (I was getting a refill), then he was told to rampage about town while avoiding cops, or his wife would be killed. Then Selena Gomez as "The Kid" magically appears in the car with him (I was in the bathroom), and they were made to do things culminating in a digital bank robbery. It all being quite complex, but it does seem to leave room for a sequel. I am not going to go to far into story, but like I said earlier the fun thing is it did have one, in between the pretty much constant car/explosion action.

In short, it was a fun movie. : o ) : o ) : o ) : o ) : o ( 4 Smilin' Clowns out of 5 (This may be a rating system I will start using, but probably not.


  1. I still remember all the hours I poured into Vice City. But I hated IV, so I'm not rushing out the house to get V.

    1. I have seen a little bit of game play and V looks like it could be fun, but I agree with you it just isn't the same as the hours put into the old ones.