Monday, October 1, 2012

Paper Mario chapter five

The next Star Spirit is being held in Lavalava Volcano on Lavalava Island which is quite a long distance to the south of Toad Town. The problem being how to get their no boat goes that far, so I went to the pier to do some sleuthing. Their I found the explorer Kolorodo Koopa who was wanting to explore the same place. There was something floating in the water, I jumped on it and it revealed it as a whale or as Kolorodo said a large tuna. I helped clear its stomach and it said it would help me go to the island. Soon we arrived and crossed the beach facing jungle fuzzies and various enemies to Yoshi village. Soon after arriving and deeming that it is not possible to get into the volcano, the Yoshi children wonder into the jungle. I go in help get their baby sitter the Cheep Cheep Sushie from a tree and rescue the five Yoshi children. Sushie then joins my team so I can now rider her in the water from a dock. The Yoshi chief in thanks gives me a jade raven to unlock the jungle further. I then find the master of the Island who helps me get into the volcano. When entering a Piranha plant gives of a warning of us intruders. I continue further in with Kolorodo in toll finally reaching the final chamber where a Lava Piranha is waiting. After fighting the giant flower twice, he comes back up with flames making it harder to jump attack, I finally rescue the fifth Star Spirit, but celebration comes later the lava is rising and we must escape, the Star Spirit grabs us up and lifts us through the volcano. She then gives Mario a new Star Power which heals him by 20.


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    1. Yup! Not much more to go.

      How are you finding it, by the way? Enjoying it so far?

  2. I like reading about it, specially though as I never actually played the game... even though I own it

    1. You do own a lot of games. I guess it's hard to play all of them.

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