Friday, September 28, 2012

Paper Mario chapter four

According to Peach's research the 4th Star Spirit is the Shy Guy's Toy Box, but we have no idea where it is. On my return to Toad Town I witnessed uproar caused by rampaging Shy Guys, stealing things, trampling gardens, stalling trains, and even bothering Luigi! After following the Shy Guys into an empty house and going invisible so they would reveal the toy box I went in after them. The toy box was separated into four train stations, but the toy train was no where to be found. The trick to getting farther in each section was to find a Shy Guy who stole something and return it to it's owner therefore receiving an item to unlock further areas. For example, the storage key for the shop, the toy train; Tayce T's frying pan, cake to feed Gourmet Guy to get him to unblock the path. After various missions like that I finally got to the last quadrant. There I entered a dark room and was greeted by a cloaked figure with a lantern, he proclaimed that I was ruining his darkness and attacked. The trick to the battle was to hit the lantern to spread the light so I could target the enemy. I soon learned to use Lady Bow to slap the lantern because she can hit 5 seperate times. Soon I defeated him and befriended the creature that was in the lantern, Watt. Watt can light up dark areas and use his shocking attacks to pierce enemies defenses. After that it was on to finally rescue the Star Spirit. The Shy Guy general was waiting for me with various Shy Guys. After I bested his forces he came out with his toy tank which had high defense and a light bulb which flashed and attacked Mario and his teammates. After taking out the light bulb I used Watt to quickly take out the tank. With that the fourth Star Spirit was saved and with that another ability which lowers the enemies attack power by 3, pretty useful.


  1. heh, it's like reading a mini walkthrough of the game's plot

  2. How many chapters will there be? I think I got lost in the storyline, hehe.

    1. Well I know at least 7 because that is how many Star Spirits there are to rescue and so far each chapter has corresponded to a Star Spirit but I believe there will be the eighth to beat Bowser.