Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII Shops

Today I want to talk about the shopping system in Final Fantasy XIII. Unlike past games shops are not literal physical shops with shop keepers and such, with multiple shops in one town for different things, an item shop, weapon, etc. But in FF XIII the shops are virtual and accessible at all save points. This is good because it allows like 10 different shops to be accessed at one point to get items, weapons, and the upgrade items for weapons, and other things. But it was sort of funny that a big part of the game is the main characters fleeing from the Cocoon's government and people, but if people can be tracked with credit cards couldn't they be tracked by buying things at these shops?


  1. Don't you feel that it takes a bit away from the game play, though? Instead of maneuvering your way around to visit different shops, you have everything available to you from one spot. More convenient? Absolutely. But I guess I'm old school. Running all over maps to achieve certain things is all a part of the game for me.

    1. I certainly agree with you, I may have mentioned in a earlier post but I really loved the physical shops in earlier games.