Thursday, April 26, 2012

PlayStation Store

When I have access to the internet on my PS3 I explore some of the Playstation Networks features. Today I am going to talk about the Store. Even though other systems have similar stores, I have come to really like this one. The way it is laid out makes it easy to find what is needed, not only that but if I had a Sony Handheld system I could purchase games and put them on it. I enjoy the classic section of the store probably the most because I can buy a digital copy of games such as Spyro or Medievil, which is nice because over time my copies have either been lost or severely damaged. But I am not sure to like or think Playstation has sold out on the renting/buying of movies/TV shows.


  1. it seems convinient but what happens when sony decides to close down the psn store... i like a hard copy more...

  2. Me too, when I have money I do like to find them on ebay, but a digital copy works too.

  3. I also like to buy digital copy of classic games