Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So, last Friday my friend and I went to Atlanta to see some awesome stand up comedians: Joe Rogan, Joey Diaz, Duncan Trussell, and Brian Redban. I have listened to comedy, and their podcasts before, but this was the first live comedy show I have seen. And it was quite indescribable. I mean I don't know if my vocabulary has the words to describe how awesome it was. Those four guys, and everyone who worked on the project were amazing. I probably laughed more that night than ever before. But I think great comedy does more than bring laughter comedy like that of these guys, makes the audience think and learn. Hearing their comedy and advice on their podcasts are really helping me get my stuff together and start doing more stuff. I mean the shear truth in their comedy and everything they do makes me hope one day I will be doing what they are doing, not comedy but a job that I love doing, and can make other people happy. In short comedy is awesome.

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