Thursday, April 12, 2012

More on Final Fantasy XIII

I have been playing it a lot lately and have found to like it a lot more than at first. I certainly agree with Duke of Science who called it "Corridor Explorer" that is mostly what it is, but the story and fascinating battle system has gotten me hooked. After my characters became L'Cie and gained access to magic and different paradigms [jobs] battling became more about strategy and the switching between six playable characters has kept me on my toes. It has been pretty enjoyable so far. I also like how the game over works, I am able to retry before the battle and prepare more for the specific battle, instead of potentially loosing progress from going back to the last save point. The shops are useful but I do miss the inn and shops from the old games.


  1. Although I wasn't too fond of the game overall, I did have some fun with it.

  2. Haven't touched that series since Final Fantasy X. Might pick it up sometime soon.