Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ruby Sapphire Remakes

I am sure a lot of you have been playing the recently released Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but if you haven't let me tell you they are pretty good. Pokemon Ruby edition was the second Pokemon game I really owned, I remember getting it and the Gameboy Advance for Christmas years ago. The remakes capture the fun newness of the first ones. Updated with changes over the years that enjoy like gaining EXP when capturing Pokemon, and being able to select many Pokemon in the computer boxes, and also with brand new features. The PokeNav Plus has many new features one of which is great for those wanting to complete the Pokedex, it lets you know when you have caught all the Pokemon in a route, and sneak up on Pokemon that can know moves advanced for its level. The features may set these apart from the originals but the story really grabs back to the past. For new players it is a great story, and the small changes and new graphics keeps the game fresh for players of the first versions.

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