Monday, October 29, 2012

Wheezy Gamer

So I recently went to YouTube to catch up on stuff, and one of the people I subscribe to a popular Vlogger Wheezy Waiter has recently started to do Gaming Videos. He started with The Legend of Zelda, then Dark Souls, and most recently Super Mario Bros. I haven't watched much of the others but I did watch the Super Mario Bros. one. Sadly I don't think I ever played that one I started off with a SNES as a child, but watching him play it, makes me want a SNES quite badly. He is also doing an interesting thing instead of just playing through the game he is playing through it without dying if he dies he restarts. If you want you can catch his video. I wonder how many times it will take him.


  1. there are plent of version of the original super mario bros, it's on the NES, SNES, Gameboy Color/GBA and the Wii

  2. That is true. I am probably going to look into getting one of them.

  3. I always replay SMB every couple of years