Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Walt Disney World?

So my family and I went to Disney World this weekend past, I was not sure what to think of it but the experience was overall very nice. I am not really into crazy rides but the simulators of Epcot were fun, and the Star Tours ride in Holly Wood Studios was pretty awesome. But Disney Quest and the Japan Pavilion had to take the cake here.
The Koi Pond in the Japan Pavilion
The Japan Pavilion was decorated with tradition land marks from Japan including a large Pagoda and the Koi Pond pictured above. There was also a Mitsukoshi Department store that is the only one in the USA stocked with Japanese toys, food, clothes, and other various products.

Disney Quest is a 5 story arcade with many games, I don't have any pictures because it was dark and I have no flash on my camera. I loved the classic section with Donkey Kong, Burger Stand, Bubble Bobble, and many more. They also had virtual reality rides which were cool.


  1. The classic section sounds awesome. It is hard to find an arcade that features any of the older games that I grew up with. If I ever make it to Walt Disney World I am definitely gonna check that out.

    1. Yeah it would be good to try an get to the arcade in a non busy time, because it is really hard to get to them when it is super busy and everyone is playing them.

  2. I have been to Epcot before, amazing place but i came at one of the most busiest times (summer), glad you got to spend time with your family.